Working Groups


Development of International Workforce for Health Information Management (DIWHIM) Task force


It is essential to address the need of developing a strong basic workforce for Health Information Management (HIM) globally with special emphasize on developing and underdeveloped countries. A taskforce in this context would be formalized with an aim to strengthen the healthcare delivery system in accordance to WHO vision. It would be appropriate for an International organization like IFHIMA to lead this initiative as it would have more international acceptability.

DIWHIM task force would focus on:

  • Development of a basic HIM workforce based on country specific requirements.
  • Strengthening HIM education across globe in collaboration with various stakeholders.
  • Development of training programs exclusively focusing on basic HIM requirements based on current healthcare delivery system and practice. (Eg. Education and training in ICD coding, Medical records management, etc.)
  • Facilitating various countries to identify workforce requirements and provide adequate education and training to meet the requirements.

Operational Model:

  • A task force council or group would be constituted under IFHIMA.
  • Would utilize the HIM curricular competencies developed by GHWC and thus would serve as a platform for implementing HIM curricular standards prescribed by GHWC.
  • DIWHIM activities would be implemented through collaboration with organizations like WHO, Government Ministries, or similar international organizations.
  • DIWHIM would recognize and identify regional center’s (preferably existing academic institutions) to cater the training requirements of countries in that region.
  • Government ministries / WHO would sponsor or financially support the training and development of HIM workforce.
  • Thus trained basic HIM workforce would serve as the potential future personnel’s for training in the advanced areas of HIM.


President (IFHIMA) & Chief Mentor:
Angelika Haendel, MA, Germany

Dr. Sabu K M, M.App.Sc, PhD, India

Vice Chair:
Hussein Albishi, CHIM, Saudi Arabia

Wole Ajayi, MLS, Nigeria

Dr. Ghulamuddin Delawar, MD, GIMS, MSc HHIA, Afghanistan

George Kennedy

Andrea Malenya, Botswana

Deneice Marshall, RHIA, Barbados

Sallyanne Wissmann, BBA Australia

Yukiko Yokobori, Japan