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IFHIMA is a non-profit organization with official relations to the World Health Organization (WHO) as a recognized non-governmental organization (NGO). IFHIMA sends representatives to WHO meetings and works closely with WHO on specific projects of particular concern or interest to WHO in the field of health records and health information.

Below is the link to the WHO COVID 19 update issued April 28.  This content reflects the February 9 meeting exploring almost one year of the pandemic and the post COVID conditions.

Read Expanding our understanding of Post COVID-19 condition.

COVID-19 vaccine development landscape and deployment plan

Below is a recent announcement from WHO that may be of interest.

For your reference, please see the presentation here that was delivered. We hope you and your colleagues find this information useful.

In addition to the references within the Powerpoint, we would also like to highlight the following:

G20 First-time Released Report on Digital Health Interventions for Pandemic Management

Read report here.

Global strategy on digital health 2020–2025

Read article here.

WHO FIC EIC holds 2020 Annual Meeting.

Read the summary of the Annual Meeting here.


WHO Introduction to ICD-11 Webinar -9 November 2020-View article here.

WHO announces the release of the 2020 update to the WHO International Classification of Diseases (ICD) 11th Revision.  View article here.

Digital Health

IFHIMA readers may be interested in the WHO Digital Health strategy, so we are including the link to their draft strategy here.  Note that this is draft and encompasses 2020-2025.


At least once a week WHO provides updated information to their NGO partners.  Below you will find the latest which is particularly important as it discusses transmission, as well as the link that you may want to bookmark for the series.

EPI-WIN update #21

Please find previous copies on the EPI-WIN update here.

Get the latest information from WHO about COVID 19 by visiting the following sites:

The EPI-WIN bulletins found on EPI-WIN.com are particularly useful in seeing the latest information at statistics, trends, and important actions.

Other WHO Information

Currently IFHIMA is working on a project with the WHO Family of International Classifications (the WHO-FIC IFHIMA Joint Collaboration) to develop and promote an international training strategy and explore development of international certification strategy for coders.  More information about WHO activities regarding coding and classification can be found here.

IFHIMA is pleased to receive official notification from WHO that during the triennial review IFHIMA was reaffirmed as a NGO in official relations with WHO.  IFHIMA’s official status will be reviewed again in 2022.  The IFHIMA Board thanks the many IFHIMA members who contribute to WHO work through various workgroups, task forces, and committees of the Federation of International Classifications (FIC).  Please see attached letter from WHO here.

IFHIMA’s NGO with WHO reaffirmed January 2019

In accordance with exchanges between your entity and the World Health Organization (WHO) last year, the WHO Executive Board reviewed the report of our relations and collaboration at its 144th session in January 2019.

I am please to inform you that the WHO Executive Board decided to maintain the International Federation of Health Information Management Associations in official relations with WHO.  In making the decision, the Executive Board commended your continuing dedication in supporting the work of WHO.

Read the rest of the article here.

IFHIMA Members share their expertise and participate in various ISO work groups.


World Health Organization’s Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC)-Education and Implementation Committee (EIC) Mid – Year Meeting Report

WHO-FIC Network Annual Meeting 2019: Health Information Meets Health Informatics

IFHIMA Report on the WHO-FIC Education and Implementation Committee (EIC) Annual Meeting 2019

MedInfo 2019-Report from Lyon

IFHIMA participated in The Who EIC meetings in Banff, Canada.  Here’s the report from the MbRB participants.

WHO-FIC Education and Implementation Committee (EIC) Mid-year Meeting Report

Update from the Morbidity Reference Group (MbRG) Meeting

WHO FIC EIC Functioning and Disability Reference Group (FDRG)

ICD-11 EIC Work at the WHO FIC meeting 2018

Report on the last meeting of the ICD-11 MMS Joint Task Force held in Seoul, Republic of South Korea 2018

World Health Organization Family of International Classifications 2018

Morbidity Reference Group Meeting in Banff, Canada 2018

WHO-FIC Education and Implementation Committee Meeting in Hamburg, Germany

Health Information Privacy in Healthcare Organizations: Workforce Education Standard

The WHO-FIC 2017 Annual Network Meeting-Mexico City, Mexico

ICD-11 for Mortality and Morbidity Statistics (ICD-11 MMS) Joint Task Force Update

ICD-11 for Mortality and Morbidity Statistics (MMS) Joint Task Force: Progress Report

Morbidity/Mortality Exam update and the WHO-Education and Implementation Committee 


WHO World report on ageing and health

World Health Statistics 2014

Purchasing printed version (paperback)

WHO-Family of International Classifications

International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)