IFHIMA has a great history of successes due to strong leadership over our 50+ years we’ve advanced our mission, vision, and values.  A key contributor to this success is Carol Lewis, IFHIMA President 1984-1988.  Carol and I recently connected and she shared these perspectives.

“International Congresses offer the opportunity to learn new trends and practices not only through the formal presentations but also through personal contact with new friends and colleagues and, often, visit new cities and countries. But, I have found that each Congress offers additional reasons for attending.

The Second International Congress on Medical Records held in Washington, DC, was the first one that I attended. Loyola Voelker, a firm believer in the importance of volunteering, had me volunteer to serve on the committee that would prepare the Congress proceedings. At another Congress, I spoke on the development of medical records in the Americas. As an officer of the International Federation, I was involved in in the organization of the Congress and in reporting on the projects the Federation had undertaken. As a retiree, I looked forward to hearing the reports of progress and on having the opportunity to see colleagues who have become close friends over the years.

The benefits of learning new facts and practices and in making new friends, are priceless. Students can benefit from not only from what they learned during the Congress but also in observing a structure for future self-improvement. Educators will find much information to incorporate into their programs. Congresses should offer opportunities for students and educators to meet as groups to exchange experiences.”

I’m looking forward to seeing Carol, and Phyllis Watson, two illustrious IFHIMA leaders, as we renew friendships in Brisbane.