Dear IFHIMA Colleagues and Friends,

We are saddened to report that Ulli Hoffmann passed away 10 September at the age of 79.
As many colleagues and members will know, from 1992 – 1996 Ulli Hoffmann from Germany was President of the International Federation of Health Record Organizations – IFHRO (now the International Federation of Health Information Management Associations – IFHIMA).

During the IFHRO congress in Washington in 2004, Ulli received the new Founders Award for her continuous and invaluable support and her unselfish dedication to IFHRO. In 2010 Ulli was awarded honorary member status at the General Assembly of IFHRO in Milan. Moreover, Ulli was founding member of the German national HIM association, DVMD, was president of DVMD from 1990-1997 and editor-in chief for more than 20 years of the DVMD journal.

With her passing, we have lost a charismatic person, an outstanding IFHIMA member, a fantastic colleague, a wonderful friend and tireless mentor.

In 1976, she attended her first IFHRO congress (which took place in Toronto, Canada). Since then she had not missed an international congress. We will miss Ulli significantly, and will never forget her outstanding and sustained contribution to the work of IFHIMA. She will continue to live in our memories and in our hearts.

Selection of Reaction to Ulli’s decease

I don’t know how to express my deep sadness for Ulli’s passing.
Who could know it’s the last meeting with Ulli when I met her in Montreal last year?
We lost one of our great stars of global HIM leaders.
She was a wonderful person and will be sadly missed by all who knew her.
I would like to give you my deepest condolences for loosing your senior leader.
God bless her soul!
Joon Hong

It’s with profound sadness to hear that Uli Hoffman passed away.
I want to express the deepest condolence to the death of her.
Yookyung Boo

Sad news, a real pioneer and a committed, passionate HIM – sadly missed by our community.
Cameron A. Barnes

My thoughts often had gone to Ulli and still will in the time to come in remembrance of a very dear IFHIMA friend through many years. The caring and kind attitudes Ulli always met her IFHIMA friends with has been a role model for me.
Darley Petersen

We were so sorry to hear the passing of Ms Ulli Hoffmann, hopefully her passion and dedication to the IFHIMA be a motivation for all of us
Best regards,
Lily Widjaja

The President-in-Coucil and the entire HIMAN Members received with the great shock the passing away of one of the international doyens of health information management practice, the astute professional, the arsenal of progragress and the eldorado of intelligence MS. Ulli Hoffman on 10th September 2014. We at the HIMAN commiserate with the IFHIMA, her family and entire HIM professionals accross the globe. On behalf of my President Mr. Wole Ajayi, I wish to express our heart felt sympathy on the departed soul.
Adio Rasaq

I truly sad and sorry to hear about my dearest one and one of my beloved IFHIMA member. I am really going to miss her.
George Kennedy

My heartfelt sympathies to the grieving members. May her soul rest in peace.
P.N.Roopalekha Jathanna, PhD

I am so sad to hear of Ulli’s passing. IFHIMA has lost a great leader, mentor and friend. I was at the meeting in Toronto and met her, and am so glad to have seen Ulli’s most recently in Montreal.
Jean Clark

For sure I am shocked hearing Ulli has passed away. Please extend the Indonesian HIM professionals’ deep sympathy to her family. She will be long remembered by us. She was already in her way to Indonesia to attend the 3rd IFHIMA congress and our PORMIKI’s 25th anniversary. Unfortunately mount Kelud eruption stopped her good intention to visit us.
Gemala Hatta

So sorry to hear this very sad news .
I only had the pleasure of meeting her a handful of times and was always impressed with her knowledge and compassion.
Truly a wonderful person who I am sure will be missed by many.
Stuart Green

I take this opportunity to convey my sincere condolences for the passing on of Ulli. We truly acknowledge the invaluable support she offered to the Health Records and Information Fraternity.Our condolences to the family.
May her soul rest in peace
With deep sympathy. May her soul rest in peace.
Dino Rajah

It is very sad news for me and my daughter. I lost one of the best IFHRO colleages I miss her.
Good-by Ulli
Akiko Kasama

Please allow me to offer my condolences to this innovative pioneer.
Ulli was a dear friend and I am so saddened to hear this.
Claire Dixon-Lee

We are sorry to have lost her at the time when we need wisdom as we start walking the talk. Convey our message and let us Join the IFHIMA president in praying for her soul. “GOD gives and GOD takes” regards
Pepela Wanjala

I am so sorry to hear of Ulli’s passing. I served with Ulli on the Executive Committee during her IFHRO Presidency and followed her as the next President. My fondest memory of her is when the IFHRO Congress was held in Munich in 1996, she arranged for the Executive Committee members to be billeted with her friends as a cost saving measure. She was absolutely totally dedicated to IFHRO She is a great loss and I send my condolences to all of her many friends and supporters around the world.
Vicki Tichbourne

This is such sad news. Thank you for letting us all know.
Josephine Raw

I share my deepest sympathy I met her at IFHRO congress in Washington in 2004 and last saw her in Canada where we had dinner one evening after the congress. may her soul rest in peace.
Marjorie Hendricks

This is very sad. We will all miss Ulli’s presence at future events and her interest in us all.
Sallyanne Wissmann

I am very sad to learn of Ulli’s death. She accomplished so much for the profession and for IFHIMA. I know she was a mentor to many professionals.
Linda Kloss

Our sincere condolence to Ulli Hoffmann’s family. I am very sad for that news.
Lourdes Palapal

Very sad indeed to loss someone who was dedicated to HIM profession. May his soul rest in peace. Very sorry.
John Kurui

I was really shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Ulli Hoffmann. I had really looked forward to welcoming her to the Tokyo Congress. Now I reminisce about Ulli whom I met for the first time in 2007 in Seoul and had been so kind to me since then. I did not expect that the Montreal congress would be the last time I met her. She will remain in our memories forever.
Yukiko Yokobori

It is with great sadness that I have learnt about the death of Ulli Hoffman, please accept my deepest condolences. May the Good lord rest her soul in eternal Peace.
Nancy Wanjiku

I am indeed saddened by Ulli’s death. I can remember so vividly when Ulli visited St. Lucia in the 1990’s. I felt so honored, although she did not visit in an official capacity. As a young medical record officer it was so awesome being in her presence.
I have no doubt that many HIM colleagues feel a great loss at this time.
‘Farewell Ulli, we all will miss you.’
Brunetta Willius

We met up the first time in 1996 at the Munich IFHRO meeting, where I met Sue Walker, Phyllis and Carol. I will miss her emails and her yearly Christmas card.
May she rest in peace.
Regina Weber

Please allow me to offer my condolences to this innovative pioneer.
Sandra Saunders

I take this opportunity to convey my sincere condolences for the passing on of Ulli. We truly acknowledge the invaluable support she offered to the Health Records and Information Fraternity. Our condolences to the family.
May her soul rest in peace.
Titus Kolongei