Membership Application

Please select your Membership Type below to complete online membership application form and electronic payment.

Note that membership dues apply to a calendar year, January 1 to December 31. Dues quoted are in US Dollars (USD).

Final acceptance of membership applications for corporate, educational institution, and new national organization is subject to IFHIMA Board approval.

If you do not know your WHO region, please follow this link:

For an individual working in the field of health information management.  Please select for new and renewal applications.  Annual dues are $35.00 or three (3) years for $100.00.

For any institution, company, hospital or other organization working in the healthcare field.   Please select for new and renewal applications.  Dues are $1,500 for a three (3) year period.

For any educational institution providing formal education in Health Records/Health Information Management.  The education institution is recognized by the local or national Health Information Management Association and meets any nationally required educational accreditation standards.  Dues are $1,500 for a three (3) year period.

IFHIMA reserves the right to request documentation substantiating the educational institution’s academic status including certifications or accreditation.

Select for a national organization.

Important Note:  National Membership of IFHIMA is reserved for ONE national organization in each country.  This organization must be representative of the national activities within the field of health information management/health records and the purposes of this organization must be compatible with those of IFHIMA.  You will be required to submit your current constitution and list of elected officers at time of initial application – please have these available to upload before completing application.

Dues are dependent on number of members.

The NATIONAL DIRECTOR, DEPUTY DIRECTOR or APPOINTED REPRESENTATIVE may not be seated nor cast a vote at the Triennial General Assembly of IFHIMA until dues are paid in full for all years.

All membership applications must originate in the appropriate electronic form.  If you can’t complete an electronic payment, please email