Deneice Springer (formerly Marshall), IFHIMA Director for the Americas. was featured in the Barbados Nation News Easy magazine on September 26th, 2021. The article entitled “Fighting for a Cause” describes Deneice’s contribution to IFHIMA and the Barbados Health Information Management Association (BHIMA). The article demonstrated to BHIMA members and personnel in the medical record/HIM profession that their work is appreciated, and they play a vital role in the continuum of care in Barbados. The article also informed the public about the value of health information.  In the Barbados Nation News feature  Deneice explained a key challenge BHIMA is experiencing by stating   “One of our other biggest challenges as an association, is that we want to be recognized for the scope of work we perform. Especially now in this era of digital health, most health care organizations are transitioning from paper-based medical records to electronic health records. We are therefore trying to advocate for a name change to better reflect the current roles and responsibilities of those who work in this profession.” Another quote by Deneice highlighted  how HIM professionals contribute to the health care workforce , “The data, which is collected helps with patient care, resource management – which includes how resources are allocated – and also helps with disease surveillance, general health planning and policy.” As HIM professionals across the world read this article today, we must continue to advocate, educate and fight for our wonderful profession.