Dr. G.D. Mogli, as a founder/president formed HIMA India in 1972; since then  associated with IFHIMA.  At the Grand Council meeting of IFHIMA Congress, two new active members’ the HIMA India and the German Association were affiliated; Dr. Mogli and Ruth Zwick were selected as Directors and were welcome to the General Council Meeting in the 7th International Congress in 1976. Since then, Dr. Mogli has participated and presented papers in all the IFHIMA Congress till 18th Congress held in Japan.  After HIMA affiliation with IFHIMA; the government in cooperation with WHO has accomplished the following during the years 1976-80.

  • Conducted ICD-9 training program in India
  • WHO awarded 3-month fellowship to UK for MR Personnel
  • WHO conducted International workshop on Teaching and Learning Techniques in India
  • Developed Syllabus and Course Content MR Officer’s and MR Technician program
  • Introduced one-year Bachelor of Medical Record Science University program first time in South East Asia.
  • Conducted national HIM Conferences during the period; every year from 2000 onwards
  • India celebrated Golden Jubilee (50 years) of Medical Record Education and Execution during the JIPMER HIMA ASIA Conference- 2017

During the 7th Congress I had wonderful opportunity to have met the fast, present and elected Presidents and all the national directors of member countries.  This new contact helped a lot in developing HIM field and imparting training to hundreds of professionals in Nine Nations.

I had a unique opportunity of meeting Dr. Boga Skrinjar WHO representative in Afghanistan in 1975.  Elsie Royle Mansell in 8th Congress held in Netherland, she liked my article published in IFHIMA Newsletter relating to “Celebration of 1980 as the year of Medical Records” and requested to send all my published articles; which I sent, she was thrilled and kept contact till her passing away in 1986.  I shared with Gerald Wakely in designing the IFHIMA Logo and working as a member of Publication Committee and Chairman of Developing Countries during the years 1980-84; surveyed 12 nations Medical Records status; presented final report to IFHIMA Executive Committee in the 9th Congress.  (Insert picture one)

IFHIMA/WHO conducted one-week workshop for Teachers in Health Records for eleven participants from eight countries in New Zealand prior to 9th Congress. Dr. Phyllis Watson was project leader and three tutors: Margaret Gilfillan (WHO), Dr. Mogli (Kuwait) and Elwyn Davis (Australia). (Insert picture two)

IFHIMA has transformed HIM profession excellently with the limited resources. My sincere gratitude for having received tremendous support from Dr. Skrinjar, Carol Lewis, Phyllis Watson, Lillian Gauthier, Lorraine Nicholson, Margaret Skurka, Angelika Handel, Marci Donald, Lorraine Fernandes, Yukiko Yokobori and many others who have passed away for their excellent work.


Some Incoming and Outgoing Grand Council Members (1984): Back row: Shoshana Shnitzer (Isreal), Alma Boyd (Canada), Takako Sakai (Japan), Jessie Korver (The Netherlands) Ruth Zwick (FRG), Dr. G D Mogli (Kuwait),Prof. Phyllis Watson (Australia), Gerald Wakely (NZ), Front row:  Sjaak Velthoven (The Netherlands), Carol Lewis (USA), Mark Thorburn (NZ) Sister Mary Daniel Park (Republic of Korea) and Ulli Hoffmann (FRG)

Pre-9th International Congress (1984) Workshop 11 participants from 8 countries: and 4 tutors:

Back Row: Phillip Roxborough and Mark Thorburn (NZ), Thelma Tacbas (The Philippines), Gemala Chalil-Hatta (Indonesia), Professor Kim (Republic of Vietnam), Faitele afamasaga (Western Samoa), Second row: Mardia Mawardi (Indonesia), Sister Mary Daniel Park (Republic of Korea), Jennifer Mitchell (Australia), Dr. Nguyen AQuang Auyen (Republic of Vietnam), Front row: Hozahorry Fanggidae (Indonesia) and tutors Margaret Gilfillan (WHO), Prof. Phyllis Watson (Australia), Dr. G D Mogli (Kuwati) and Elwyn Davis.