General Information

IFHIMA is an international organization of health information management (HIM) professionals throughout the world. IFHIMA provides an international voice for health information managers and raises the profile and professionalism of the health information management  profession to a global level.

Benefits of IFHIMA membership:

IFHIMA membership brings many benefits in the form of professional support, sharing of experiences and knowledge:

  • Being part of an internationally recognized professional organization, which is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) with official relations to WHO and sharing its values.
  • Access to IFHIMA materials that promote the profession and education of health information management.
  • Participation in international working groups as a volunteer and sharing of clinical or instructional expertise.
  • Access to IFHIMA Global News and items of interest on the IFHIMA membership area on the website.
  • Reduced  registration fees at IFHIMA Congresses

For inquiries about membership of any category of membership please contact Marci McDonald, Membership Chair

Guidelines for Establishing a New National Association

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