Time is the most valuable commodity and time management is Self-Management/ Self Discipline. If you want to manage your time better, one must learn to manage yourself and apply behavior changes that are necessary in order to be most effective with time management. Time Management Characters in Health Records include: Sense of purpose, Listening, Facilitative, Competent and been Confident in your decision making. Time Management strategies include: Planning, Evaluating and Delegation. Every Medical Record Department should have a satisfactory system to obtain the Medical Records of all discharged patients, preferably within 24 hours of discharge. Someone should check the discharge list and see if all the records have been delivered to the appropriate department(s). Any “Missing Record” should be traced as early as possible. Some of the benefits of Planning include: saving the time, avoiding any confusion and be able to make use of most of the resources. Some of the benefits of Evaluation may include, Periodic Evaluation of oneself as Medical Record Personnel and how we conduct are functions among each department or evaluating the goals and plans that have been set forth and re-adjusting where needed. Having an established authority, accountability and delegation of work and services within the health record is also important and aid in efficient use of time management within the record. Some components with hindrances that are seen with delegation include, Inability to accept our own limitations, Tradition, Lack of confidence in others, afraid of making mistakes

In conclusion, Periodic systematic evaluation is essential to effective time management. As a good manager one must provide the department with resources and tools it requires. The department administrator should involve supervisory people and the entire staff in the quality assurance effort. We are evaluating ourselves, what are our problems, how can we improve our perspectives etc. The side benefits of improved morale, greater team work and higher level of trust are also very worthwhile.


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