IFHIMA is proud to announce that it has accepted the request from the WHO-Family of International Classifications Education and Implementation Committee ( WHO-FIC EIC) to manage the International Examination for Morbidity Coders during 2015.

The exam has been in existence since 2008 and has been pilot tested in six countries. This international examination is not for the certification of coders, but is intended to assess coders’ ICD-10 knowledge and skills in using this classification. In countries where the pilot exams have been administered, the results have led to improvements in training programs for coders and in the organization of continuing education programs.

Coders with at least two years of coding experience and knowledge of all volumes of ICD-10 can sit for the exam. The exam has 20 multiple choice questions and 30 coding diagnosis questions as well as 10 short scenarios and 5 long scenarios.

If a country is interested in conducting the exam in that country, IFHIMA should be contacted for a copy of the Guidelines for Candidates. The country is responsible for translation of the exam into the appropriate language and for the administration and scoring of the exam, as well as maintaining its integrity. Interested individuals should contact Margaret Skurka, Past President of IFHIMA, who is one of the members representing IFHIMA on the WHO-FIC EIC. Contact is: mskurk@iun.edu for additional information on this topic.

This exam will be promoted to the member countries of IFHIMA and we have asked each Regional Director and Country Director take responsibility for further promotion of the exam as well.

Margaret Skurka

Past President, IFHIMA