IFHIMA Congresses

IFHIMA-Strategic Plan and Accomplishments

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IFHIMA’s / IFHRO’s International Congresses

Next IFHIMA Congress:

17-20 November, 2019, 19th IFHIMA Congress. InterContinental Hotel and Congress Center, Dubai, UAE

Past IFHIMA Congresses:

18thInternational Congress        2016,  October 12-14, Tokyo, Japan

17th International Congress        2013      Montréal, Canada

16th International Congress        2010      Milan, Italy

15th International Congress        2007      Seoul, Korea

14th International Congress        2004      Washington DC, USA

13th International Congress        2000      Melbourne, Australia

12th International Congress        1996      Munich, Germany

11th International Congress        1992      Vancouver, Canada

10th International Congress        1988      Dallas, Texas, USA

9th International Congress          1984      Auckland, New Zealand

8th International Congress          1980      The Hague, Netherlands

7th International Congress          1976      Toronto, Canada

6th International Congress          1972      Sydney, Australia

5th International Congress          1968      Stockholm, Sweden

4th International Congress          1963      Chicago, USA

3rd International Congress          1960      Edinburgh, Scotland

2nd International Congress         1956      Washington DC, USA

1st International Congress          1952      London, England