Honorary Members

Year Awarded Individual Country WHO Region
2019 Lorraine Nicholson United Kingdom Europe
2019 Yukiko Yokobori Japan Western Pacific
2016 Joon-Hyun Hong Republic of Korea Western Pacific
2010 Carol Lewis, MPH, RHIA United States of America Americas
2010 Ulli Hoffman* Germany Europe
1993 Dr. Phyllis A. Watson Australia Western Pacific
1988 Ruth Zwick* Germany Europe
1984 Dr. Boga Skrinjar Switzerland WHO
1979 Elsie Royle Mansell* United Kingdom Europe

Lorraine Nicholson

Year Awarded: 2019
Country: United Kingdom
WHO Region: Europe

Yukiko Yokobori

Year Awarded: 2019
Country: Japan
WHO Region: Western Pacific

Joon-Hyun Hong

Year Awarded: 2016
Country: Republic of Korea
WHO Region: Western Pacific

Carol Lewis, MPH, RHIA

Year Awarded: 2010
Country: United States of America
WHO Region: Americas

Ulli Hoffman

Year Awarded: 2010
Country: Germany
WHO Region: Europe

Dr. Phyliss A Watson

Year Awarded: 1993
Country: Australia
WHO Region: Western Pacific

Ruth Zwick*

Year Awarded: 1988
Country: Germany
WHO Region: Europe

Dr. Boga Skrinjar*

Year Awarded: 1984
Country: Switzerland
WHO Region: WHO

Elsie Royle Mansell*

Year Awarded: 1979
Country: United Kingdom
WHO Region: Europe


IFHIMA awards Honorary Member status per our Constitution. An Honorary Member is “An individual who has earned exceptional merit in furthering the goals and interests of the Federation.” We congratulate these individuals on their commitment and service to the Federation.


Lorraine Nicholson and Yukiko Yokobori, 2019 Honorary Members.

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