Health Information Management Students

Anna Kiyo Alexandrov

School: Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri
Degree: Health Informatics and Information Management

 Why did you choose Health Information Technology or Health Information Administration?
Health Information Administration is an evolving field that has the ability to provide limitless opportunities. For someone like me who is interested in joining the health care industry after graduating, nothing can be more thrilling than knowing that I can apply my skills and knowledge to several health care professions, whether medical or administrative.

  What classes did you find the most interesting and why?
Health Care Management was perhaps the most thought provoking and most interesting class I have taken thus far, for we learned theories from several subject areas (psychology, business, ethics, communication, etc.) and applied them to a number of different case studies and real life situations. This class also created an environment conducive to creative thinking and team development, both of which provide me with a foundation for future success.

  When do you anticipate to graduate? Or, when did you graduate?
March 2009

  Are there areas in HIM that are of particular interest to you?
This is such a difficult question for the reason that my main interest and goal is to optimize the delivery of healthcare, and all undertakings of HIA or HIT professionals seem to do just that. They have taken initiatives to promote personal health records and electronic health records. By incorporating these into our current health care system, numerous benefits for both the patients and the health care providers would potentially arise. Of these benefits, we can include such things as saving the money of individuals, hospitals, and taxpayers, empowering patients to think of health care as an investment in their futures so that they may actively seek quality care, minimizing preventable errors, etc.

  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
It is my hope that in five years I can take what I have learned here in regards to promoting quality health care and apply it to my studies and practices at medical school. Wish me luck.