Health Information Management Faculty

Loretta Horton

 Where do you work?
Health Information Technology Program
Hutchinson Community College
Hutchinson, Kansas

  How long have you been there?
14 Years

  What classes do you teach?
Health Information Technology classes including medical terminology, Legal Aspects of health information, quality management, financial issues in health care

  Why did you choose this path in HIM?
I had been in health information departments in many different areas of health care – acute care, health care corporations, consultant in long term care, hospice, prison health care. I decided after I taught a class at the College of St. Mary in Omaha, Nebraska that I liked to teach. It was an area I wanted to pursue.

  Benefits to being an educator?
Working with students is very rewarding and each day is different from the one before. I am able to use all my skills as a health information practitioner as well as being given the chance to be creative. It is such a wonderful experience to see students learn. As they grasp the material and the “light goes on” it’s a great feeling. I am always so proud at their milestones including experience at their clinical internships, graduation and their first job.

  Comments for the international HIM education community.
Share your passion for health information with your students. You can be proud that you are helping a person learn the skills to succeed in a wonderful career.