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As an international umbrella organization, communication and information between our members is an utmost priority.

IFHIMA has produced a number of issues of Global News through the past years to provide a deeper understanding of Health Information Management on an international level. Moreover, the Global News publication strengthens the feeling of belonging to this international group.

It is important to our field of health information management that information circulates regularly, especially when great distances separate the members of an international organization like ours

IFHIMA Global News is published several times a year and contains interesting information for members of the Association, as well as all people who are interested in Health Information Management globally.

The Global News opens up the possibility for IFHIMA members to express and share experiences in the field of health information management.

2017 Issues of Global News
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2016 Issues of Global News
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Global News, December 2013


Congress Issue

Global News, April 2013


Global News, January 2013


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