My trip down IFHIMA memory lane took me to London, Ontario, Canada where Gail Allan Robinson (Crook), CHE, CHIM, shared her perspectives.

“I am retired now so I won’t be going to Brisbane for the 20th IFHIMA Congress this year. I will however be thinking about all the HIM professionals that will be going, the experiences they will have, as well as meeting colleagues and lifelong friends.

Throughout my career I was very fortunate to have a hospital administration that encouraged me to attend annual general meetings, conferences and congresses. Those administrators truly knew the importance of the HIM department and the value of information sharing.  Information that could only enhance our own best practices.

My first international presentation and serving as a workshop leader was in Munich, Germany in 1995.  I was so nervous before my presentation that I thought I would have a panic attack! But once I got started, the talking got easier. After that I was hooked and made presentations in Milan, Italy; San Francisco, USA; Washington DC, USA; Vancouver, Canada; Seoul, South Korea; Montreal, Canada and at many other Conferences in between.

Over my HIM career of more than 35 years I attended at least 35 conferences and IFHIMA Congresses. I learned and shared so much. And I met many outstanding HIM Professionals who have become lifelong friends.  I encourage each of you to understand the benefits of sharing best practises and networking with your peers. Do what you can to find the funding to attend your first Congress – and you too ‘will be hooked’.

All the best to everyone in Brisbane. Learn, Share and most of all ‘Have Fun’.”

I shall miss seeing Gail in Brisbane but remember fondly the wonderful Congress she and CHIMA organized in 2013 in Montreal.