Podcasts from the IFHIMA May 2020 COVID-19 Webcasts:

IFHIMA members sharing experiences in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic:


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IFHIMA is pleased to share the webcast recording from our May 2020 webcast “IFHIMA COVID-19 Survey Results.”  This recording and the questions participants shared during the webcasts are a culmination of the survey work conducted in late March through mid April 2020. We thank the IFHIMA members for their strong participation and rich comments shared.

Goals for the COVID-19 survey:

    • Understand what potentially modified HIM practices and priorities are in our member nations, and individual member countries, in reaction to COVID 19.
    • Define differences in previous state vs current state, on a national or regional basis, if relevant and appropriate.
    • Document and review our findings based upon individual responses that will be aggregated, and use quote if appropriate to add human interest and a storyline.
    • Create an IFHIMA “story” based upon the findings in an expeditious fashion, i.e. so they can be presented to the membership in May.

Webcast Questions and Answers

We received many excellent questions during the two webcasts, which are summarized and answered in the document here.