Corporate Members

IFHIMA is pleased to showcase our Corporate members as part of the value of their membership donation.

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Launching in 2009, ACCUMED is the leading and largest company in revenue cycle management in the Middle East.  ACCUMED serves as a one-stop shop for healthcare providers across the Middle East, Asia and Australia, who are looking to optimize their revenue cycle management process and performance.

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ASHO, as a leading company in healthcare coding, currently manages more than 85 projects throughout Spain and codifies around 600,000 registrations per year. With a 47% market share, the company specializes in offering value-added services in hospital information systems that facilitate the management and work of clinical professionals. Since its inception 26 years ago, it has encoded more than 8 million registrations, concentrating 2.5 million in the last five years.

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CDI experts and educators UpLift Group – Australian and Pinson and Tang, LLC, the authors of the highly acclaimed U.S. CDI Pocket Guide now in its 14th edition, have joined forces as “The Australian-American CDI Partners” to bring the first-ever CDI Pocket Guide for ICD-10-AM to the world stage so anyone using ICD-10-CM or ICD-10-AM can achieve excellence in their CDI practice.

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