Communities of Practice

IFHIMA initiated Communities of Practice (COPs) in 2023 to advance knowledge sharing and collaboration amongst our members.  These groups are actively collaborating about specific topics based upon global industry happenings, trends in healthcare, and hot topics.

This key member only benefit is open to all classes of membership.  If these topics are of interest and you’re not a member, please join IFHIMA.


Focus: The purpose of the ICD-11 Community of Practice (COP) is to provide a forum enabling the discussion of common interests, information sharing and promotion of best practice that related to the ICD-11. This forum is focused on the needs of Health Information Management professionals and practitioners globally. The CoP meets quarterly and invites members to present on their progression towards ICD-11 adoption.

Meetings include IFHIMA updates, sharing by members on the current state of ICD-11 adoption and implementation and their challenges, and Q&A. Some meetings have included an invited speaker who presented on the status of ICD-11 country implementation.


Convenor: Kathy Giannangelo, USA

Co-Convenor: Gowri Sriraman, Australia

Secretariat: Michelle Badore, USA

Contact person to join: Michelle Badore:


Focus. The Education COP provides a forum for discussion of common interest subjects relating to HIM education, permits information and idea sharing among members and will lead to the promotion of best practice in HIM education. 

Quarterly meetings began in October 2023.  Benefits of participation include the opportunity to network with peers from around the Globe and identification of shared HIM education issues and challenges. AI Governance, ICD-11, and opportunities for international student exchange have all been discussed.

Chair- Charmaine Shaw, Canada. Email:;

Deputy Chair – Patience Jumbo, United States. Email:

Secretariat – Janelle Wapola, United Stated. Email:

Contact person to join:  Janelle Wapola, above.


Focus.  The Research CoP is meeting monthly seeking to conduct research pertinent to health information management professionals across the globe. The initial focus of this COP is on the development and distribution of an artificial/augmented intelligence literacy assessment for HIM professionals and students.


Convenor: Susan H. Fenton, USA:;

Co-convenor: Megan Bailey,Canada :;

Secretariat: Elise Lambert, USA:

Contact person to join: Either Susan or Elise from above.