Botswana Health Information Management Association (BoHIMA) was formed and legally registered in December 2016. Its mandate was to bridge the perforation in the health information management sector, more or less the information governance in the country. The Association started operating early 2017 by unleashing its strategic compass and establishing ways of making people aware of the existence of BoHIMA.
BoHIMA started its journey by organizing an event which sought to unveil the association to students who are doing health information management and to recruit members to join the association. The event was held in Gaborone Botho University campus, the only institution which has health information management course in the curriculum since 2013 and most importantly where the pioneers of BoHIMA emanates (as post graduates). The event was graced by the Bokamoso Private Hospital coordination manager and three lecturers from Botho University health information management department. 350 health information management students attended the event. During the event we presented the significance of why BoHIMA was formed, the vision and mission, objectives, the strategic plan and the benefits of joining the association. In summation the event was a success as the response was positive from the attendees, with 16 members joining BoHIMA.
The second activity that BoHIMA hosted was a workshop held in Francistown Botho University campus. The workshop also aimed at launching the association to health information management students in Francistown. The invited guest was a principal medical officer from Nyangabwe Hospital and two professors from the health information management department. 150 students thronged the event. The introduction to the association was made through the presentation of its mandate, objectives and the strategic plan and 15 members joined the association, and many promised to join. In encapsulation the association was highly received by both students and the lecturers.
BoHIMA ended its eventful year by hosting an event to launch a campaign titled “HIM WITHOUT WALLS.” This event was one of a kind as it was only attended by those who have subscribed to BoHIMA as members and those who were invited as stakeholders. The purpose of the event was to deliberate on the status quo of HIM in Botswana, telemedicine, health information governance and systems, HIM profession employability and opportunities and most importantly the unveiling of “HIM WITHOUT WALLS” campaign.
The invited stakeholders were from: Ministry of Health, WHO, Botho University, University of Botswana, Botswana Christian AIDS Intervention Programme (BOCAIP), Bokamoso Private Hospital, Gaborone Private Hospital, Botswana Defence Force, African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnership (ACHAP), Central Medical Stores, Red Cross and National Blood Transfusion service. Guest speakers were Dr. Peter Sebina from the University of Botswana, Dr. Kabelo Mokgacha from the Ministry of Health and Dr. Leonard Mauco from health information management department. These speakers deliberated well on the key aspects of the agenda. The president of the association officially launched “HIM WITHOUT WALLS” which commenced in February 2018. This event was a success as it was covered and aired by the state television (Botswana television). Above all it gave our members a time to interact and network with their potential employers and helped them realise the worth of joining the association.
The purpose of the “HIM WITHOUT WALLS” campaign is to infiltrate the health information management sector in a quest to grow the association and fulfil its mandate through four diverse ways which are; benchmarking, hospital tours, research and piloting. The campaign which also is the association’s 2018 road map and strategic plan will run for a duration of six months.
In conclusion, BoHIMA has only been operating a year but has achieved a lot of things in the space of short time. BoHIMA has a good communication platform via our Facebook page (which now has 1300+ followers) where the updates of the association are communicated. We have 70 card-holding and fully registered BoHIMA members. Despite the financial challenges we face, we remain committed to execute our objectives. We cordially believe that next year building up to the IFHIMA Congress in 2019 we will see growth in our association and also strive to be part of the Congress.

Oaitse Hubona
Secretary General
Botswana Health Information Management Association


Photos captured during the events

  The first convention


The President Oarabile Setime officially unveiling HIM WITHOUT WALLS.