With renewed interest and revitalizations efforts, the Barbados Health Information Management Association’s (BHIMA) new board; appointed at the beginning of 2023, launched a number of new activities aimed to re-engage and educate key stakeholders. These activities were launched under the new five year mission statement: “To achieve recognition for Health Information Management Professionals in Barbados and to emphasize the importance of their role in the healthcare industry”. Thus, in the month of September, members of the BHIMA executive committee met with key stakeholders from the Ministry of Health and Wellness to discuss efforts in assisting with the transformative and recognition process of the HIM profession.

Continuing in the month of September, BHIMA partnered with Clinical Documentation Improvement Australia to host an online webinar for Barbadian healthcare professionals on the importance of clinical documentation. The event, held from September 18th-20th, was a collaborative undertaking with the assistance from the current President of IFHIMA, Vicki Bennett. The webinar focused on the role and impact of quality clinical documentation on patient safety, allocation of resources and data integrity. The event was well attended and well appreciated with some even noting, “it was necessary” and some saying “I wanted more”.

In October, a picnic was held as part of a team building exercise for health information professionals. The picnic, which was the first of its kind, was held at the beautiful Botanical Gardens in St. Michael. It is one of Barbados’ prime spots to host events. It was truly an atmosphere of fun and cool vibes between colleagues.

Attendees of the picnic held as part of the team building activities for health information professionals at the Botanical Gardens in St. Michael

Also in October, the current President of BHIMA attended and presented at the joint 20th IFHIMA Congress and 40th HIMAA national conference in Brisbane. The paper which focused on the importance of the HIM profession in ophthalmology was well delivered and well presented.

The IFHIMA Congress gala dinner

The month of November was one of celebration and reuniting especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of these celebrations, current Vice President of BHIMA, Ruth Hunte, delivered prizes to the most outstanding student, Shakida Phillips and outstanding clinical performer, Symone Clarke. These prizes were delivered at the Barbados Community College pinning ceremony held on November 9th 2023.

The graduating Health Information Management Class of 2023. Shakida Phillips (2nd Left) and Symone Clarke (2nd Right)

Finally, after a two year hiatus, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the Barbados Association of Radiographers and the Barbados Health Information Management Association held their biennial conference under the theme: ‘Bridges, Gaps, Silos and Synergies: Reflections of the Past…Vision for the Future’. The conference which was held from November 10th-12th was well attended by individuals of both professions; locally, regionally and internationally. There were also key stakeholders from the Ministry of Health and Wellness and Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The attendees of the Barbados Association of Radiographers and the Barbados Health Information Management Association biennial conference.



Jamane Sargeant BA (UWI) RPT (AMT)

President (BHIMA)

Barbados Deputy Director (IFHIMA)