It’s always a pleasure as a fellow Board member to talk with Babale Garba Nafada from Nigeria.  His enthusiasm is infectious and attitude always positive.  Here are Babale’s thoughts on attending IFHIMA Congresses.

“As a National Member of Health Information Management of Nigeria (HIMAN), I registered to attend IFHIMA Congress thrice but only succeeded to have attended the 2019 Dubai Congress. As luck will have it, I was nominated and became the IFHIMA Regional Director for Africa. At the Congress, we concurrently attended paper presentations and I moderated a paper on Electronic Medical Record.

Throughout the period of the Congress on daily basis I learnt different things ranging from scientific to social interaction with colleagues. We had a series of Board meetings and reviewed global priorities and happenings. We witnessed the memorable transition of Leadership from the indefatigable Marci MacDonald to Lorraine Fernandes for the upcoming three year term.  The Congress was so engaging and made me wish it would continue for many more days.

The value a member receives for his investment of time and travel expenses by far outweighs non-attendance owing to the fact that he will have global exposure to see and interact with his professional colleagues like students and educators.

For those who are yet to attend, you should endeavor to do so because the Brisbane Congress shall be unique in many ways. We are told that Australia is a land with unique features and I’m looking forward to experiencing them firsthand.”

I’m looking forward to seeing Babale and hopefully some of his African colleagues in Brisbane.

Lorraine Fernandes, RHIA

IFHIMA Immediate Past President and Communication Chair