The 47th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Medical Information Management, which was scheduled for September 16th to 17th in Nagoya was held online due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Prerecorded presentations were delivered from October 7th to November 6th. Since the meeting was canceled last year due to the pandemic, it was held for the first time in two years! The meeting was chaired by Dr. Takatoshi Matsumoto (Honorary Director of Yachiyo Hospital) with the main theme of “Health Information Management to unlock the Future~Information Sharing in Medical, Nursing Care, and Livelihood Support and ICD-11~”, with 174 general presentations and 62 student presentations. There were over 1348 members in total who attended the meeting. The program included Chairman’s lecture, Keynote speech, Educational lecture, Special lecture, four symposiums, and five sponsor sessions. In the special lecture, Mr. Takuya Hirai, Minister for Digital Agency, which was newly established in the government this year, gave a talk on “Japan’s Digital Innovation”. As a part of the Special Program: “Information Management in a Pandemic-What We Learned from COVID-19 crisis”, IFHIMA President, Lorraine Fernandes gave a lecture on IFHIMA’s activities and the current situation of health information managers around the world, and attracted a strong interest from the society members. In this meeting, many papers were focused on the corona pandemic, Artificial Intelligence and advanced application of Health Information Management in Medical Care Welfare.

The new executive board (two-year term) was launched and President Hiroyuki Suenaga was reappointed by resolution of the General Assembly. He is going to serve Chairmanship for the third term. The Excellent Paper Award and the Special Award were received by Four members. Further, Four new Master of Health Information Managers were certified, making the total to 90. The 48th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of health Information Management will be held on September 8th-9th,2022 in Kochi Prefecture, chaired by Dr.Tadashi Horimi (Honorary Director of Kochi Health Sciences Center, Kochi Takasu Hospital). The theme is “Health Information Management required Now: Continuity and Change”.


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