Health Information Management (HIM) is often overlooked as an Allied Health Profession. Some people even say “we are the best kept secret” after they truly understand our roles and responsibilities in health care delivery.


The HIM world is changing every day and we are being challenged, to re-define and develop new job functions, to bridge the electronic-Health Information Management (e-HIM) gap, especially with the transitioning from paper-based to Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Regardless of the medium in which protected health information is stored we are the gatekeepers.


Can you imagine healthcare delivery WITHOUT HIM professionals? There would be total Chaos; no data quality, limited accessibility, no timeliness, no accuracy, no consistency, no comprehensiveness, no integrity of protected health information and no one to enforce effective line communication amongst medical practitioners, other allied health staff and health care consumers. Thankfully this is not the reality HIM professionals are playing a vital role in the continuum of health care.  Globally we have trained and competent HIM professionals, accredited HIM Educational Programs, Accreditation Agencies and HIM organizations at country and international levels.



IFHIMA has played an integral role in the development and improvement of the HIM profession across the world by bringing various nations together to promote and advance the objectives of the HIM profession. The IFHIMA association framework assisted with the establishment of The Barbados Health Information Management Association (BHIMA) in 2013. Ms. Carol Lewis, IFHIMA Past President, travelled to Barbados in 2013 to attend BHIMA’s 1st conference where she was a keynote speaker. Ms. Lewis provided us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in HIM which motivated our members to continue promoting our profession locally. Ms. Lewis encouraged us to join IFHIMA and for the past five years BHIMA has been a proud member.


IFHIMA’s Congress provides HIM professionals with access to view and discuss innovations in health care and technology, academic research, professional development initiatives along with several networking opportunities.


I was awarded an IFHIMA scholarship to attend and present at the 18th IFHIMA International Congress in 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. This was a treasured and truly rewarding experience professionally. I got the opportunity to network, experience new cultures and explore innovations in HIM. After attending my first IFHIMA Congress in Tokyo, I realized globally we all face the same challenges, however I also recognized there is a community of persons with a wealth of knowledge and experience, eager to assist and provide insights and share information on best practices. I am looking forward to Dubai 2019 where as HIM Professionals we can all come together to learn from each other, share our expertise, network and celebrate our Golden Jubilee.


Prepared by:

Deneice Marshall, MS, BS, RHIA, Dip.Ed.

BHIMA- President


Attendees at the IFHIMA gala reception in Tokyo, Japan, October 2016