The 27th Chinese Medical Record Association (CMRA) Congress was held September 19~21, 2018 in Hangzhou the beautiful West Lake scenic area. The 1137 delegates participated and created records. Theme: Sharing and win-win sharing. VIP included leaders of the Chinese Hospital Association (CHA), National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China (PR China), Zhejiang Health Commission, CMRA.

Opening ceremony: Yan-Sheng Hu (Executive chairman of the general assembly, President of CMRA) stressed: The current rapid development of information technology, medical record information as the basis of the big medical data, the responsibility to promote the medical record information discipline and the development of medical record management (MRD). MRD is our common cause, we need to share MRD method innovation, technology promotion of disease classification, professional education, sustainable development, great achievements have been made in talent cultivation history of responsibility; Share the specification accurately and homogeneity of the medical information database, set up with the center of medical record information data refinement management mode; Strengthen national health commission and each province’s health department, CMRA, communication and the exchange, unite as one, work together, mutual benefit and the development of the medical record management vision. Zhejiang health commission leadership wished the conference a complete success.

Forum: “Professional title promotion of medical record management specialty” (Tan-sheng Hu, president of CMRA). “DRGs in Zhejiang”(Health and family planning commission of Zhejiang province). “Electronic medical records classification standard”(National Health Commission of the PR  China, director Ting Shu in the institute of hospital management information standardization research of interpretation). “ICD – 11 in the progress of the domestic”(Vice director Yi Wang of the China WHO Family of International Classifications al Collaborating Center). “DRGs and medical record paperless era under the integration of information management”(shanghai CREATING).“national secret archive management standardization service”(Hao Bo safety technology). “18 core system related to the medical record writing content interpretation”(Deputy director Xu-Dong Ma division of quality control medical administration bureau in National Health Commission of the PR China). “The medical record quality control in the innovation and breakthrough in the field of information technology and artificial intelligence”(Peng Xiang, vice President of the first people’s hospital Jian De).

“According to the disease to support the challenges and opportunities for hospital”(Director of Jian-Jun Jiao of Beijing medical record quality control center). “The writing of medical record management professional thesis details”(Vice president CMRA Ke-Xin Liu). “the international classification of diseases coding expert advice and interpretation”(The state of disease coding group leader Lian- Ming Wu).

Closing ceremony: Vice president CMRA Dong-Min Hou hosted, torch by Chair of Yan-Sheng Hu to the next host city, vice president of the Xi ‘an on behalf of Qi-Shan Wang. In 2019, see you Xi An((Shanxi province).

After the closing of the conference delegates visited the Shao Yi Fu’s and the Maternity Hospitals of Zhejiang university of medicine, Zhejiang province people’s hospital and Hangzhou first people’s hospital.

Figure: Right: President of Yan-Sheng Hu CMRA; Left: Author of Tao Li .

Author introduction: Tao Li. Bachelor of Chinese medicine in 1985. Graduated Learning Class Department of Internal Neurology of MOHC in 1991. On-job postgraduate in 2016. A member of combine traditional Chinese and western medicine association Tianjin.